The Best 5 Cameras for Portrait Photography in 2014

Cameras for Portrait Photography in 2014 – My Top 5

Top Five Portrait Cameras For 2014

With the ever-increasing numbers of photographers globally, more professionals and amateurs want to create high quality photographic portraiture. With a little practice and the right equipment, there is no reason why nearly everyone can take amazing portraits themselves. For professional being paid for a service, he or she must produce excellent portraits. Getting the best portrait camera can be quite a challenge given the abundant choices that are available in the market. Nevertheless, you can find good cameras that come at prices below $800 from renowned brands like Samsung, Sony, Canon, and Nikon. For two of the cameras I tested below I would like to thank my friend Melissa from iPortrait Photography Brisbane, she has an amazing range of cameras which they use in the studio for different styles. For this article I was able to test both the Nikon and the Canon at the iPortrait Photography Studio. The other three cameras (one of which I personally own) I used in a different photo studio located in Sydney..

Below we have a brief look at the best 5 Cameras for portrait photography in 2014. These are ordered according to value for money.

Samsung ST550

Samsung ST550

Samsung ST550 is a great camera for portrait photography.

  • It features two LCD screens where many of the competitors have just a single screen. This camera features a larger 3.5-inch screen that is situated on its backside and a small 1.4-inch LCD screen on the front side.
  • The front LCD screen can come in handy when taking self-portraits as they allow the user to take neat personal photographs without any mess. This is because the user can see the pictures that they are taking on the front screen, before snapping the pictures. Another benefit of this camera is its reasonable price, which is approximately $300.


Olympus Stylus Tough 8000

 Olympus Stylus Tough 8000

I borrowed this camera recently from a friend who just made the purchase, for the price the results were quite impressive.

  • This is the second best camera for portraits photographs. This is because it takes high grade and beautiful photographs. The Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 has a portrait mode that is inbuilt in the camera. This portrait mode feature gives the user a fool proof and simple way of taking high-grade portraits of other people and also self-portraits.
  • The Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 is also considered as being imperishable and can be used to take photographs under water. This is pretty attractive for a digital camera that comes at a cheap price of less than $400.


Nikon D300

Nikon D300

Nikon has always been a leading player in the camera industry, the Nikon D300 is a nice choice for portraits.

  • For photographers who serious with photography and want to take sharp portraits, then they may consider Nikon D300. This camera consists of all features and characteristics that any professional would love to have. In addition, it produces high quality photographs and using this camera to take pictures is quite fulfilling.
  • Nikon D300 is quite hefty with regards to price; nevertheless, it is definitely worth the price for individuals who take photography as a career because of the remarkable portrait photographs. This camera is available at a cost of $1,200.


Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS

Another model in the EOS range by Canon – The Rebel XS

  • This camera is suitable for beginners who are just starting out and want to take stunning and high quality pictures. It also offers a good start especially for people who have never used DSLR cameras before. This camera has an enhanced autofocus system and has grander image quality giving the users excellent pictures.
  • Features a resolution of over 14 Megapixel and a 6X optical zoom range and it has very high performance in low light. In addition, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS camera is very easy to use and it comes at an affordable price of about $450.00.

Sony Alpha A230L

Sony Alpha A230L

The Sony Alpha A230L is one of the best cameras released by Sony.

  • This camera has all the wonderful features that most photographers would want in a DSLR. In addition, it comes at an economical price range that most people can afford.
  • The Sony Alpha A230L camera is suitable for beginners who want to take pictures using a DSLR and they do not want to spend lots of cash buying a camera. The Sony Alpha A230L comes at a price of under $400 and it takes high quality and stunning portrait photographs.


Portrait photography can be quite challenging for most people, especially those who are new in the field. This is because it does not just involve taking pictures randomly as this can be done by anyone. This type of photography calls for expertise and experience on the part of the photographer. However, the camera that one uses can also affect the quality of the pictures that you take.

Lastly, there are various models and brands of digital camera in the photography industry and some of them are better for taking portraits when compared to others. Therefore, it is important for any photographer whether a beginner or an amateur to know the best five cameras for Portrait Photography in 2014.


Portrait Photography Tips For Beginners

Tips For Taking Perfect Portrait Photos – Beginner Lesson

Beginner Tips For Taking Portraits

Digital cameras have evolved over time and they have greatly changed the way we take photos. They are used by photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. However, if you want to get the best results with portrait photography you need to use some techniques from the repertoire of the professional photographers. We will present in this article five expert tips for taking perfect portrait photos in any circumstances.

1: Camera settings for outdoor portrait photography

Outdoor Camera Settings

In order to achieve the best results with your portrait photos you need to set your camera with the right settings for the indoor, outdoor or moving subjects.For classic portrait photos the background should be blurred, in order to focus the attention on the main subject of your photo shot. For blurring effects use standard zoom lens and set your camera to Aperture Priority and a focal length between 50 and 100 mm. The Aperture Priority should be the largest available on your camera lens, such as f/4 or even f/5.6. The depth of the field and the aperture are two key components of a perfect portrait photo. Another important factor of success is setting the right shutter speed. That should be at least 1/125sec in order to compensate for any subject movement or camera shake. The Autofocus mode should be set on one shot or single shot. The focus point should be selected in such a way that is over the eye of your portrait subject.

Digital Camera Settings For Outdoor Portraits

  • Exposure mode should be set on Aperture Priority in order to take control over the depth of the field. Also select the largest aperture available for your camera lens.
  • Autofocus point should be set on a single point and the AF point should be selected close to the subject’s eye. In order to focus the AF point on the eye half press the shutter release.
  • Shutter speed can be set automatically by camera.
  • Aperture should be set at least at f/4.
  • ISO should be set at 100 for outdoor portraits.
  • Lens can be set between 50 and 100mm.
  • Focus mode should be set on single or one shot.
  • Drive mode should be set on single shot.
  • White balance can be set using the preset values that better suit the light source.


2: Camera settings for indoor portrait photography

Indoor Camera Settings

Indoors the light levels are usually much lower than outdoors, so make sure to select the shutter speed fast enough in order to get sharp portrait photos. At shutter speeds below 1/60sec you may keep the same aperture and increase the ISO in order to compensate. The ideal option of perfect indoor portraits is the wide maximum aperture with lens set at 50mm f/1.8 and ISO 400.

Here are the recommended expert settings for indoor portraits in low light environments:

  • ISO should be set at 400 or higher and use shutter speeds of 1/60sec or faster in order to avoid camera shake in low light.
  • Aperture should be set on Aperture Priority mode, at a value of f/2 and lens at 50 mm.
  • Exposure mode should be set on Aperture Priority A or Av.
  • Focus mode should be set on single or one shot.
  • Drive mode should be set on single shot.
  • White balance should be set on Auto mode.


3: Create texture

Create Texture

Instead of trying to eliminate a distracting background you can try to use it to your advantage and create more texture. Pull the subject of your portrait photo away from the background and set the Aperture priority on f4. This way you will create more depth of field in order to blur the background and create some artistic texture.

4: Hold your camera in a vertical position

Hold Camera Vertical

For portrait photos it is best to hold your camera vertically instead of horizontally, in order to avoid ulterior editing the photo by cropping large amounts of space.

5: Don’t take pictures up against a wall

Move Away From Wall

For perfect portraits it is best to not choose walls as your background. The digital cameras have great depth of field and they keep a lot in focus, while for a portrait you need to direct the attention on the subject not on the background. If the subject stays close to a wall in the background the camera will sharp focus on the wall too

These tips should help beginner photographers. For more advanced techniques I will be publishing a separate article.

Thanks for reading and all the best with your portrait photos!